Proper Care of Kydex

October 23rd, 2014 Marty Zatrapa

Kydex, a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl material, is used for a variety of applications including firearm holsters and knife sheaths. The acrylic component of Kydex is responsible for material rigidity and formability. The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) maintains the toughness, chemical resistance and good interior finish.

Kydex sheets are beneficial for firearm and knife product protection. Kydex sheets have been used in place of leather due to the material’s scratch resistance, waterproof property, reduction of friction as well as maintaining shape by eliminating the chance for shrinking.

The right kind of care of the Kydex material will result in the longevity of the product. Below are cleaning and maintenance tips for keeping your Kydex in proper condition.

Most importance cleaning advice is to NOT use chlorine products on the Kydex. The use of any kind of chlorine will result in it turning white.

Before a deep clean, you always want to begin with a light dusting using a soft damp cloth or chamois. Light dirt can be removed with lukewarm water and soap. To prevent streaking and water spots, make sure the Kydex is rinsed thoroughly and then blot dried with a damp cloth or chamois.

For difficult dirt, remove it with the use of s tiff bristled brush followed by a water rinse and cleaning with a soap. Common cleaners include Joy detergent, Spic and Span, Formula 409, Mr. Clean and Cascade.

For surface scratches and abrasions, conceal them with a vinyl cleaner application using Armor All or Simoniz wax paste. If there are deep scratches, use fine steel wool or Scotch-Brite pad.

Buffing and sanding can leave a matte finish on the Kydex, which should be followed by an application with Armor All or Simoniz wax paste. A waxed surface should be polished with a clean cotton flannel or jersey. A polished surface should be wiped gently with a damp cloth.

For additional information on Kydex and how to maintain it, you can contact zZz Custom Works.


Written by Marty Zatrapa

Marty Zatrapa

Marty is the founder and craftsman at zZz Custom Works. With experience in the USMC infantry, US Army infantry, cavalry, intelligence, Nuclear security he is one to trust when creating custom gun accessories.

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