It’s All in the Holster

May 19th, 2014 Marty Zatrapa
Glock 42 holster

The right to carry a concealed weapon comes with a great deal of responsibility. You are in a position of authority that many are not.  However, having such a responsibility comes with risks that you have to undertake.

Buy the right holster; that is your most important responsibility as a concealed gun carrier.  A holster has two main purposes: to protect the gun and to protect you.  Maybe a secure firearm positioning, where the trigger will not be accidentally manipulated, accomplishes the greater purpose. Investing in a quality holster can save you serious injury, especially if you have to be moving around with a loaded gun on your hip, or waist.  Do not “cop out” when it comes to a holster.  Check out zZz Custom Works; quality products are available here for a fair price.


Fundamentally, the perfect holster is nonexistent, but we are doing our best to make one.  It’s a matter of preference.  There are so many different types. You have to go through about two or three before landing the right fit.  Feel familiar and get comfortable with your holster.  You will be moving around all day with it, and a bad one will have you skipping concealed carrying altogether, or at the very least have you uncomfortable all day. Who wants to be without their gun?

There are three basic holster materials:

The Leather: the most popular holster and the oldest.  Ever since man carried a gun, he had to carry it in something, leather being a light weight, durable and plentiful material was the best choice, still is for many. We use some leather on our Kydex holsters bringing the comfortable feel of horse leather against the skin to our standard holster with IWB loops for a comfortable all day carry.

The Plastic: plastic has been around since WWI. With modern science and some imagination, many varieties of plastics are available. Plastic can be made in different colors and designs like the ATACS camouflage Kydex. For those reasons, plastic is becoming a very viable and durable option for holster making.  They last long, are lightweight and waterproof, form fitted to the gun for the like a glove fit and contoured to the body for a comfort of a leather holster.

The Nylon: this is the cheapest holster of the bunch.  Another light weight waterproof material used by holstermakers world wide. We do not make nylon holsters, but can direct you to one of the many companies that do.

We can help you choose the right Kydex holster for your needs, just call us, or email us with any questions and we will be happy to assist. If you’re not too sure, go with the Standard Holster for $69.00 at the zZz Custom Works store and start from there. We offer many options to that holster that can be added later if you want. We guarantee that you will be happy that you chose zZz Costom Works gear.

Written by Marty Zatrapa

Marty Zatrapa

Marty is the founder and craftsman at zZz Custom Works. With experience in the USMC infantry, US Army infantry, cavalry, intelligence, Nuclear security he is one to trust when creating custom gun accessories.

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