The Anti-Crisis Pills

May 12th, 2014 Marty Zatrapa

Crisis can come at any time, without any sort of warning.  If you live in an area prone to Natural Disaster, plan on traveling to an unknown location with vicious wildlife, or generally are passionate about you and your family’s ultimate safety, it’s not foolish to have survival on the mind.  Try out Survival Tabs —  they are the most efficient way to eat in a survival situation.

Survival Tabs are specifically designed to resist the taxes of nature, last long and are easy to store.  Store them away almost anywhere in case of a crisis. Survival Tabs will last over TEN YEARS on a shelf.  Invest in these miracle pills, because you never know what may happen.

Originally designed for the space program, Survival Tabs were a government funded project for finding out how to concentrate the most nutrients into one place.  Born out of necessity, research for these pills was heavily funded in the 50s.

A single Survival Tab provides your body with enough nutrients to hold hunger away for a couple hours. A full serving of 12 tabs will provide your body with 100% of the USDA’s daily recommended nutrients.  Included inside is whey, which provides essential animal protein, sucrose, which gives your body sugar and a temporary alternative to more complex carbohydrates, flower oils for fats, and concentrated vitamins, for an altogether superfood.

Convenient and lightweight, they also serve a recreational purpose in addition to being a last resort product.  Take Survival Tabs along on your camping trip and you will always have food and/or a fast energy boosting snack.  If you are fully fed, though, Survival Tabs will be generally less effective since they are specifically designed to be a meal replacement.  It is when your body goes into shock out of hunger that Survival Tabs will save you.  Also, remember, for prolonged nutrition over the course of days, finding fiber is essential.  In many natural environments, though, fiber is easy to find.  In an emergency, pair Survival Tabs with any safe natural foliage to gain a fiber boost.

Check out Survival Tabs at the zZz Custom Works store for $32.50.  They also come in two different flavors: vanilla and chocolate.  Be safe out there.

Written by Marty Zatrapa

Marty Zatrapa

Marty is the founder and craftsman at zZz Custom Works. With experience in the USMC infantry, US Army infantry, cavalry, intelligence, Nuclear security he is one to trust when creating custom gun accessories.

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